Night Sky (Long Exposures)

The long exposure photographs of my series Night Sky were created during the darkest three months of the year, from 8 November 2018 to 30 January 2019. The photographs are an experiment with the accumulation of time and light. They are studies of a period of time rather than a snapshot of a moment in time. The series is part of my ongoing investigations into our perception of reality.

For the purpose of this project, night means after sunset (the disappearance of the sun below the horizon due to the Earth's rotation). There is no standard definition for a long exposure. A long exposure is usually understood to render moving objects blurred and it is no longer possible to hand-hold a camera without ‘shake’. The longest exposure time for an image was 3,618 seconds, or 1 hour and 18 seconds. The shortest 10 seconds.

The series Night Sky consists of 76 individual photographs. Shown here is a selection.

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Limited edition prints from this series will be available to buy.

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