About Wolf

The best thing about being an artist is that you can be curious and get to investigate things and play with ideas.
— wk

The perception of reality is central to the work of the European artist Wolf Kettler. He wants to encourage viewers to see the world with their own eyes and not how they have been told to see. The concept of reality is, in his own words, “an illusion”.

Wolf works predominantly in the medium of photography. Before realising that all he had ever wanted to do was to communicate through his art, he spent years working in portrait photography. Wolf Kettler’s work has been published and exhibited internationally and featured on radio and national television. More recently, he has become interested in the process of hand papermaking, especially in the Japanese tradition.

Wolf Kettler is also a published writer. His text Photography and Realism and collection of essays on reality in photography is in publication. He argues that (the concept of) reality is an illusion. His captioned photography series I Object, which documents the destruction proposed by the planned building of a quarry near where he lives, was published as a book and presented to local Government. The photographs were instrumental in overturning the planned actions.

Wolf is an enthusiastic gardener and a passionate sailor.


Sashay Gallery, Devizes, Britain
Agfa Professional Portfolio
Sunprint Gallery, Madison, WI, USA
Atelier Café, Steyr, Austria
Schloss Puchberg, Wels, Austria

Interviews, Appearances, Publications

Interviewed by and/or work featured on BBC 1 Television, ITV Westcountry Television, BBC Wiltshire Radio and Fantasy Radio.

Appearance as a panellist on “The Story of Eros”, a panel discussion on the depiction of sexuality in art and in the media.

Editorial publications include the British Journal Of Photography (BJP), Tatler, Infolab Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine, Marlborough Living Magazine, Wiltshire Magazine, Rondo Magazin, Gazette & Herald, Brym, Camera Club, Foto Report, Kehrseite, Your Cat Magazine and Projekt-IL.

Wolf’s photography is also used as book covers, in editorials in magazines and national newspapers, for advertising and promotion in magazines and direct mail campaigns, and on consumer goods for clients from many different countries in a diverse range of industries.


People of prominence photographed by Wolf Kettler include the classical singer and internationally acclaimed baritone Thomas Hampson (for Rondo Magazin); investigative journalist Tim Samuels; TV and movie actress Annette Bentley; actor Tom So from the remake of the James Bond movie Casino Royale; composer and recording artist Richard Anthony Jay; crime writers Anne Zouroudi (UK) and J.J. Preyer (Austria); the children's book author and illustrator Simon Murray (creator of Icky Doo Dah); and one of Britain’s best known sailors, Tom Cunliffe.